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"The A.Party we hosted in NY was a magical and memorable evening .  We can't thank you enough for your good advice in food choices and the staff you sent to work the event. The food was fabulously delicious and the staff professional and wonderful to work with.  All the guests raved about the food and no one left hungry!  We look forward to working with you in the future.  You were amazing to work with and made the party the success that it was!!"
- Sharon R.


“We just wanted you to know how delicious the food was last night – it received so many compliments and everything was fabulous. Servers were great too. Thanks so much! We were thrilled! I’ll see you at MOM’S NIGHT OFF! Hope to work together again!”

-       Nicole R


“I can never have my MOM’S NIGHT OFF! delivered to my mother’s house again…by the time I got there yesterday she had eaten the whole salad I bought for her and then dove into some of my Chicken Teriyaki, when I asked her about it she said she didn’t feel guilty because it tasted so good. Then she tried to bribe me for the salad I ordered for myself…”    

- Brittany P


“Erin if you were not married already I would pursue you for your barbequed Pulled Pork, mac & cheese and slaw. And those cookies are hands down, the best things I have ever had.”                                  

- Margo C


“My husband loved the shrimp & rice and the Strawberry Salad! He’s raved about everything I have ordered from you – and he’s a foodie!!”     

-Pam R


“Shrimp & Orzo is unbelievable!!”      

-Erin M

"Everything was great last night!!! The food was ridiculous!!! So yum, the hits were meatball parm spring rolls, lobster roll, filet, mini bleu cheese burgers....aahh, I guess everything!!!

The staff was very attentive and careful to see what the guests liked and would re-visit them with the trays. Thank you so much! Will be placing a Superbowl order!" 

- Tracey P






“The shower was just beautiful!! The food was amazing…everyone was raving! I was so glad there were leftovers that we could enjoy! The staff was so nice and friendly…they couldn’t do enough to make everyone feel at home! A very successful event thanks to you. I was so pleased and will definitely use you again!”

 -       Pearl S


“Food was amazing! So was Lau! We love her. The store asked for your cards and brochures because they get a lot of catering requests. Hope you get some new business! I was creaming about that Maple Glazed Bacon – soooo yummy! Thanks again!”    

- Kristin A


“Sooo psyched my gang is calling in orders! Knew they would!! I loved your menu and food soo much that I kept telling more friends about you!! My son ADORED your food!!”                    

- Lisa C


Ok. Those were hands down THE best cookies ever. And don’t get me started on that pulled pork/Mac n cheese dinner. My whole family licked their plates clean. Yum. I’m hooked.”                                             

 - Rachel Z

"Last night was great! Burgers were insane! Can we have them at the Christmas party?? People raved! Someone ate 4 of them!!" - Dana V

"So yummy! Just had some and my taste buds are dancin!"  

  - Steph D

"Progressive Dinner kicked *ss. Lobster endive was the bomb & the shrimp taco was my fave! Dinner was awesome. Really loved it."   - Liz H.

"YES YES YES... it was a success! Everyone raved about the food - the choices were very good. I know I liked, and heard from others, that it was nice having a different variety from the years past - and the menu went more with our "French" bistro flare.

The service as ALWAYS was great - you have a really good crew!

Best wishes always, and here's' to next year's event in 2015"

 - Kathy G

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