is it pride? get over it. i have.

whyyyyyy do we wait people??? why??

t minus eight days and counting and we are closing in on easter. why, oh why do we wait to call and ask for help??

 you do NOT need to make those herb scalloped potatoes, those pigs in a blanket for 20 or that huge salad you told your sister you would bring. you don't have to, so why tax yourself? you not thinking this through. do you really feel like a trip to fairway when half of bergen county will be shopping for their passover or easter meals?? is it pride? get over it. i have. my kitchen is making my cheddar corn pudding and crudite because i just canNOTTTT be bothered with that one. making the rest of the meal: the filet, the pepperoni poppers, the bunny cake with the marshmallow butt (kids, pinterest - whhhhyy). do i need that major cheddar delicious corn pudding project? no. no i do not.

that's what catchy. is here for. you need a tray of macaroni and cheese for the kids table? we got you covered. you need a dark chocolate pudding cake - gluten FREEEE to bring to your dad's? yes, we do that to. anything you need we got. 

so call us up. now. and check that one off the list sister.

917.721.9217. boom. mic drop.


         Mouth Watering Appetizers:

              Shrimp Cocktail with Spring Pea Coulis

          Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus

  Crab Stuffed Mushrooms


Dinner Must Haves:

Cucumber Soup

Shaved Brussel Sprout Salad with Creamy Citrus Dressing

Blood Orange & Roasted Fennel Salad

Apple Cider Braised Brussel Sprouts

Asparagus Hollandaise

Sagaponack Corn Pudding

Herb Scalloped Potatoes with Goat Cheese

Roasted Fingerling Potatoes

Panko Crusted Creamy Macaroni & Cheese

Herb Crusted Braised Salmon

Spinach & Goat Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breast with Cumberland Sauce

Beef Tenderloin with Cabernet or Shallot Cream Sauce

Spiral Sliced Ham with Maple Orange Glaze

Sticky Pork Tenderloin 



Chocolate Babka 

Vanilla Amaretto Pudding Cake

Assorted European Cookies

Gooey Butter Bars


this snow is making me feel like i'm in an insane asylum...

this snow is making me feel like i'm in an insane asylum. is that politically correct? i'm not sure. but then again, i can't imagine 98% of what trump's been saying is politically correct so i'm going to go with it. 


instead of the all white, padded walls, i'm hurdling snow banks of piled up, slippery gray ice when i walk my dog and its making me more than just a bit crazy and claustrophobic. or maybe it's this sling and the news i got on friday that my shoulder is going to take six full months to get back to normal vs. the three i was convincing myself of. oh my god, spring, summer and freedom: you can't come soon enough. 


but i'm told god doesn't give us what we can't handle so i guess he thinks being cooped up all weekend inside with my cagey kids is good for my state of mind. because looking at the forecast it doesn't look like these snow banks will be melting any time in the near future to get us out onto those lacrosse fields and baseball diamonds. #majorsuck.


kids are meant to run , to be free, to get out of their parent's freakin' hair and play outside on march weekends. and with temps in the low 20's, that just isn't making that whole expectation a reality for me. i keep sending them out, and they somehow manage to sneak back in a different door, gather up 38 pounds of sh*t from around my house and make forts in all the nooks and crannies that i never seem to get ahead of cleaning up. lord just send me so spring-like temps and get a lacrosse stick into their hands!! 


so i'm just going to act as if over here at catchy. and cook up some delicious good like none of this slushy snow is upon us, like these slippery sidewalks i just took my dog for a walk on are going to be a thing of the past soon. lincoln told us that all we could choose is our attitude (lincoln? or was that roosevelt? i don't know, who freakin' cares). so i'm choosing happy. i'm betting that once you see are slammin' PIPING HOT DINNERS & fresh salads & soups like the cape cod wheatberry & our blackened chicken with a cup of butternut squash,  you will choose a smile too.


call the shop. order up some tasty treats for your family this week and let us deliver them to your doorstep. 

201.445.6400 #makeyourweekdivine


i think the caged bird schtick is wearing on me.

you ever have one those nights where you think: if i spend one more second with my kids either me or my husband could potentially be brought up on charges for something?? yeah. i get that. that was our sunday night.

i think the caged bird schtick is wearing on me. this friggin' sling that has me velcroed six ways to sunday, the dull, throbbing pain in my shoulder that makes me about as fun to be around as a protocologist, good god i used to think i was fun and entertaining to be around. no longer. spending an hour in physical therapy, two hours locked into an ice cuff and the rest of the day tiptoeing around my usual routine has made me GRADE A BORING. my poor husband. it's been 9 days and he's climbing the walls. thank god for march madness. 

by tonight, the kids were just bouncing off us. and we off them. trying to get them ready for the 6pm mass was akin to trying to peel the backing off a bandaid without the use of one hand: frustrating, mind numbing and just plain sad. "it's freakin' lent for god's sake, get in the god damn car for church before i throw you in!!" must have been hollered no less than a dozen times. and then jt and i decided on another tact. f*ck 'em, we decided, how about we leave them home and go have a peaceful hour to ourselves. heaven. 

it was a like a joke. the moment we told them we had had enough of trying to convince them to go to church and were leaving them home we had two in tears and one with a raging case of 14-itis. you're kidding right? we couldn't pay you to get your act together and now this. hilariously as jt and i would recount in the car, my son billy just sat there with a cheshire cat grin on his face, happy as a clam that he wasn't going. classic.

so needless to say, can't wait for the new week to begin. to make it even better we have brought back last week's mac & cheese because when you sell 42 of them, that tells me we need to bring them back and fast. we have decided to offer them as they were as well as with a generous serving of bacon added in. why not, right? throw in the meatloaf as well as our ridic chicken pot pies as a third option and we plan to be breaking records all over the frickin' place. call tomorrow to make your monday night as heavenly as our sunday was:)...nothing like a little time to yourselves. 

201.445.6400 #makeyourweekdivine


everything's just so much better with a little rum & sunshine...

vacation is such a beautiful thing. sunshine. blue waters. sun kissed kids (who then whine a little sooo...). mount gays & pineapple juice (to lessen the pain inflicted by the whining). little late afternoon golf. repeat.

i have said no less than a dozen times this week to anyone who would listen, why are we not living in florida and doing this every day? i understand the logistics. just built our dream house in hohokus & would have to sell? negative. have four kids enrolled in hohokus school? kind of a downside. flip flops and shorts every single day of the week and an ocean temp of 78 degrees?? totally worth the moving costs. 

everything's just so much better with a little rum and sunshine (except when you clip your toe on a chaise lounge like georgia here on the left...but frankie's reaction and my rum-induced buzz made it all photo-worthy. nothing like a mom who laughs are her kids pain & snaps a picture of it, sorry g). 

back to the rum: i think catchy. needs to find itself a liquor license and we can try and bring a little of this nirvana up north to the jerz. wouldn't that be something?? a baja chicken salad out on the patio with a pina colada & rum floater?? a turkey & brie sandy with a titos cosmo around noon - it's 5 o'clock somewhere, right? nothing would make 3 o'clock pick up better (well, except uber maybe so we wouldn't endanger our kids, but c'mon, go with me a little bit on this one, i'm on vacation). i'm just sayin' this vacation has been just the little mental break this crazy lady needed to slow her roll and gear up for a spring full of first communions, graduations & more. seeing my mom with my kids just filled up my bucket. 

so while it may be president's day, and i may be down in sunny palm beach, catchy. is OPEN. and my hard working gang are in the shop ready to deliver you anything you can think up to order. hot dinners. fresh salads. soul-warming soups & everything you need to feed your family this week if you didn't get to steal away to a far-flung island and want to enjoy a little stay-cation in the bergen county area. just call the shop 201.445.6400 and bring yourself a little food love. 

I could barf. literally, barf.

i could barf. literally, barf. 

i hate the patriots. hate them. and i have so enjoyed the last three plus hours of the atlanta falcons beating the ever-living crap out of them by a 25 point margin at one point. i even left this blog to the last minute because i wanted to gloat that the patriots got the spanking they so deserved...and then tom brady happened. and now we are sitting on the 1 yard line with a minute, 13 seconds and he's about to tie it up. nope. he just tied it up. FOR THE LOVE!!!

so i'm going to make tonight's blog short and sweet because i am working on curbing my poor language this week and watching the pats celebrate their late-in-the-game tie is making the drippy, cheesy burger i ate around 5:30pm start to rise in my throat and the expletives are starting to fly. i mean, WHAT THE FRIG!?!? 

so i'm just going to look forward to this week and pretend right now is not happening. i'm going to set my focus on cleaning up my diet with some mind-blowing fresh salads, some fresh, WHOLE foods for my family like our meaty, cheesy drop dead lasagna and our soul-warming soups (oh lord, chicken tortilla is back and you don't even know how much i yearn for steaming bowl of its goodness right about now to dull the pain - damn you tom!!). 

 so take a gander below to see our PIPING HOT DINNER menu for this tuesday thru friday (sidebar: by popular demand, you can now also pick up the hot dinners cold (i know, confusing right?) in the takeaway case all week long in case you can't wait until 3pm to pick up your hot dinner. we aim to please and welcome your requests and input to make your lives as easy and smooth as we can. peace out girl scout. call the shop at 201.445.6400 for your next meal. word. 






(our other 4 dinners available every day, every week) 

* rigatoni bolognese 

(with crusty bread)   


*cheesy, ricotta-filled raviolis in sunday gravy

(with crusty bread)  


* spaghetti marinara with veal & ricotta meatballs

(with crusty bread)


* shrimp scampi over linguine

(with crusty bread)


and what do we have to reduce the muffin-topage that we are all experiencing after the gluttony of last night's super bowl eating extravaganza??



roasted butternut squash & shredded kale quinoa bowl: quinoa. shredded kale. roasted butternut squash. dried cranberries. fuji apples. gorgonzola. pecans. maple orange vinaigrette. 


mediterranean greek chicken salad: romaine. grilled chicken. cucumbers. cherry tomatoes. kalamata olives. crumbled feta. red wine oregano vinaigrette. 

hot soups:

* chicken tortilla soup

* butternut squash puree

salads in the case:

* butternut squash kale quinoa bowl

* baja chicken salad

* catchy. burrito bowl

* skinny chicken caesar salad

* mediterranean greek chicken salad

dinners in the takeout case (cold, but freshly-made monday morning)

* grilled salmon over julienne vegetables

*  spicy thai chicken over vegetable fried rice with broccoli & haricot vert

* lasagna bolognese for two (ready to grab...not hot like above)


seven days and counting until the kickoff, it's time to order up your grub.

drippy pulled pork. cheesy, sausage-laden chili skillet mac. mini cheddar sliders, deep fried mac & cheese bites and candy bacon. oh. MY. we do it all. our super bowl menu is so mind-glowingly ridic i don't know how we didn't win the right to cater that big ole soiree down in houston. i mean seriously, our sh*t is THAT GOOD


so call our shop at 201.445.6400 or the catering line at 917.721.9217 and order up your tasty chow for your house, or some appies to bring over to your girlfriends. and feel free to claim it's yours. we don't care as long as your friends and family are enjoying our rocking chow. if you need a menu click and click on the super bowl tab. it's just that easy. BOOM.


now on to this week's hot dinners which, if you happen to be hosting the super bowl at your house this weekend, will save you time and calories as we now have a FABULOUSLY health-conscious version of our tuscan lemon chicken. take a gander and order up!!


"ZOODLES are the new NOODLES"


1) tuscan lemon chicken over citrus lemon pesto zucchini noodles with asparagus, cherry tomatoes & peas (also available over a bed of citrus pesto linguine) 


2) grandie's killer pot roast over mashed potatoes & glazed carrots 


of course, as usual, we are offering the following delicious meals available

every day, every week:


* rigatoni bolognese

*cheesy, ricotta-filled raviolis in sunday gravy

* spaghetti marinara with veal & ricotta meatballs

* shrimp scampi over bed of linguine


so now on the weekly specials because we are nothing if not generous with what's in the case baby!


hot soups:

* beef barley

* sante fe chicken & red bean


BEST salad specials:


sticky thai shrimp salad: romaine. napa cabbage. sticky thai shrimp (oh my god you don't know the love i have for this sticky, sweet sauce). snow peas. carrots. edamame. rice wine vinaigrette.



harvest chicken salad: romaine. grilled chicken. crumbled goat cheese. dried cranberries. honey glazed pecans. cranberry vinaigrette.


in the case:

harvest chicken salad. (above)

sticky thai shrimp salad. (above) 

baja chicken salad: romaine. grilled chicken. roasted corn. queso fresca. crispy tortilla strips. creamy guacamole. 

"super" quinoa: quinoa. quinoa. baby spinach. crumbled feta. chickpeas. avocado. citrus lime vinaigrette.


dinners in the case:

* grilled salmon over thai chili noodles with veggies

* thai beef & broccoli stir fry over vegetable fried rice


other tasties in the case:

* italian wedding soup

* momma's chicken noodle soup

* assorted salads

* panko crusted chicken fingers

* buffalo panko crusted chicken fingers


superbowl 51 - wahoo!!

there is so much you need to know this week it's like
IMPOSSIBLE to know what to hit on first. but since i'm watching the world's SH*TTIEST football games for like, the sixth hour in a row, let's go with that.

SUPERBOWL 51 - wahoo!
are the giants in it? no they are not. 
am i bitter? yes i am. 
will i still cook the BEJESUS out of our unbelievable apps and main courses? yes. yes, i absolutely will. 

the following ridiculously cheesy, bubbly, drippy delicious appetizers are literally what catchy. was built on. if there is a holiday/special event you want to use catchy. for, the superbowl is it. our crispy, crunchy buffalo chicken nuggets & wings, our cheesy chili skillet mac, as well as our drippy, saucy pulled pork sliders & deep fried macaroni & cheese bites have revolutionized the way you folks celebrate this holiday. why would 2017 be any different? judging by the number of parties we have already booked, it won't. scroll down to the bottom of the blog to check out the Super Bowl offerings and call the shop now because like thanksgiving & christmas, we will be closing out orders sooner than you think. 

now on to the next most exciting time of the week: the menu for our NEW HOT DINNERS (they still get me so excited...because judging from your feedback, they get you so excited it just hard not to catch the hot dinner fever!)
(our other 5 dinners available every day, every week) 
* rigatoni bolognese
(with crusty bread)   
*cheesy, ricotta-filled raviolis in sunday gravy
(with crusty bread)  
* spaghetti marinara with veal & ricotta meatballs
(with crusty bread)
* shrimp scampi over linguine
(with crusty bread)

and last but certainly not least, the k*ck*ss, mouthwatering menu for this week at the cafe. while your order your hot dinners for the week be sure to order up our crisp, fresh salads & piping hot soups to compliment your dinners with a tasty lunch the next day!
rainbow power wheatberry salad: wheatberries. crunchy red grapes. blueberries. crumbled feta. crushed almonds. shredded kale. honey fig vinaigrette. 
healthy chicken chop: romaine. grilled chicken. roasted beets. edamame. celery. haricot vert. cherry tomatoes. provolone. lightened up balsamic vinaigrette. 
hot soups:
* parsnip cauliflower (again...bc it's just SOOO
stupid good)
* roasted eggplant & red pepper puree
salads in the case:
* oktoberfest salad
* baja chicken salad
* rainbow power wheatberry salad
* "super" quinoa
* healthy chicken chop
dinners in the takeout case (cold, but freshly-made monday morning)
* thai sticky shrimp over jasmine rice & steamed broccoli
* drunken marinated flank steak over mashed potatoes & haricot vert
other tasties in the case:
* italian wedding soup
* momma's chicken noodle soup
* assorted salads
* panko crusted chicken fingers
* buffalo panko crusted chicken fingers
delicious desserts
(on any given day these change):
* amaretto pudding cake
* dark chocolate pudding cake
* crunchified chocolate chip heath bar potato chip cookies
* white chocolate pretzel bark
* greek sugar cookies
* mini berry cakes
* homemade crumb cakes
* apple cinnamon muffins

*chicken wings
buffalo wings, moose wings, devils wings or
sweet & spicy thai wings
$25/2 dozen
* mini bleu cheese/mini cheddar burgers with bacon, dijon aioli & sour pickle chip
$78/2 dozen
* deep fried macaroni & cheese bites with lemon Dijon aioli
$60/2 dozen
* mini buffalo chicken nuggets with ranch dipping sauce or
regular chicken nuggets with homemade honey mustard
$48/2 dozen
* spring roll sampler platter
meatball parmesan spring rolls with sunday gravy, 
southwestern spring rolls with tomatillo salsa &
pulled pork spring rolls with smoky bbq sauce: 
$78/2 dozen
* vegetable, beef or chicken empanadas
 with cilantro cream dipping sauce
$60/2 dozen
* catchy. poppers
pepperoni, sausage, caramelized onions & fontina or
 wild mushroom
$72/2 dozen
* candy bacon: simply our best appetizer...ever
$48/2 dozen
 * pigs in a blanket with spicy mustard
$48/2 dozen
* spicy crab cakes with red chili aioli
$66/2 dozen
* roasted shrimp cocktail with spicy horseradish sauce,
 coconut shrimp with tamarind ginger sauce or
chilled shrimp cocktail
$78/2 dozen
*spinach dip in bread bowl:
*roasted corn guacamole with tortilla chips
 $2.50 per person
    *buffalo chicken dip with tortilla chips
 $2.75 per person
* vegetable crudite & our signature "favorite dip" 
$45/small, $65/medium & $85/large
superbowl mains:
* smoky, saucy drippy pulled pork & coleslaw with slider rolls
 * cheesy chili skillet mac & tortilla chips, a cross between chili & macaroni & cheese
* catchy.'s signature veal & ricotta meatballs with artisanal rolls & sauce
* crispy, panko crusted chicken fingers with honey mustard or
buffalo style with homemade ranch dipping sauce


it's almost too embarrassing to type this. 
but i will, because i'm human, and i do really stupid sh*t sometimes, and as i tell my kids, ya gotta own it when you screw something up. #i'mdumb

so word on the the street was on the VERY FIRST night of rolling out our HOT DINNERS, they were in high demand. 
 YAY!! HOW EXCITING!! GO catchy. GO!! 

 downside? unfortunately, because of a little typo on my last few blogs, the high volume of calls was directed to a poor little old man who owns a printing shop in franklin lakes because i put the wrong phone number on my blog cripes! are you freakin' kidding me?!? how stupid can a person be?  catchy.'s phone number is
201.445.6400 you boob!!
(this was my internal dialogue for the past two hours)

my chef heard from a few of the customers who ended up just driving to the shop (wow, how convenient a service i provide when i make my busy customers DRIVE TO THE SHOP#%*!) that they called the number on the blog and a kind, old man kept answering but had no idea what kind of dinners everyone was asking about. ey! when i called him to apologize, he kindly informed me he had fielded a dozen and a half phone calls all day from people wanting to order hot dinners. hmmm. well, i guess we got the word out!
so just to confirm once more: 
2) tuesdays, wednesdays, thursdays & fridays
3) we deliver (if you call the right number)
4) call 201.445.6400 to order!!
* parmesan crusted chicken cutlets over
penne a la vodka   
* baked shrimp scampi over a bed of linguine